Tuesday, August 17, 2010

About The Blog

The Blog was started as a way to record some of my thoughts on Data Structure. It has evolved to include occasional guest writers, tutorials and some of my experiences of the interviews in different companies. When I started the blog, I was in my first real computer job as an Intern in Guruji.com.Since then I have finished my masters degree and am currently working as a Developer in Symantec.
The site is divided into three main sections --
  •  Basic Data Structure and Algorithms
  •  Advance Data Structure and Algorithms
  •  Interview questions 
Occasionally, I write about conferences or papers I have presented or attended, sometimes with the slides or links to the paper.


  1. it is really gud ,this blog will help the students in understanding about data structure ,

    congtulation bhai

  2. Hi Nishant,
    its good initiate.
    it has more helpful for guest, if it has a provision to ask their questions.

  3. @Smily... guest can ask their question in the comment and we can start a thread for those questions